A Glimpse of the Book

“The good news continues to stand: God’s extravagant loving. It clings tenaciously to us and never lets go despite our ambivalence, even in our ignorance and false pride, amid our senseless anxiety and restlessness.”
“At a time when we stand on very flimsy foundations of security, when no amount of money or advancement in technology seems adequate to calm away our fears, we have no one better to cling on than the God whose faithfulness knows no bounds.”
“Whenever we do something loving or compassionate, that gesture creates ripples after ripples of similar acts of love.  Conversely, our indifference can also generate waves after waves of coldness and lack of empathy.”

#NeverAlone“The Lord is truly with us.  We may not understand why he seems asleep, but he is always there present in our storms.  We may not agree with the timing of his interventions but in faith we hold his wisdom to be always beyond us.” #LivingFaith
“When we encounter God, we acquire the desire to do something.  We become dissatisfied with the way things are.  We are driven to contribute to something bigger than ourselves.”
“Christians do not give up; we only surrender.  We surrender to the mercy and wisdom of the God who transformed human history into the story of our redemption.”

“If we want joy to find us, we help create it in others first.  The same goes true with love, peace, forgiveness, and other sublime things.  It is difficult to miss the wisdom behind the words of Jesus, ‘It is in losing the self that we actually find it’.”

Background © Bellis, CC BY-ND 2.0.