About Hashtags for Seekers

“The earliest pieces featured in this collection of homilies first appeared at Facebook around the year 2011. They were posted at the request of some friends from Italy and the US, members of Filipino communities to whom I have ministered in the course of my graduate studies. The actual audience of these homilies when these were actually delivered, however, were often the faithful of St. Francis Xavier Church in Cagayan de Oro City…These communities, and many others, with all their strife, struggles and celebrations, have helped form these pieces, as God’s Word cannot be effectively proclaimed in a vacuum.”
“While this collection naturally anticipates preachers as audience, the publishing team has taken meticulous steps to make it palatable to a wider readership. From the conceptualization workshop to the process of selecting the pieces, there is a conscious and deliberate effort to make it accessible, even appealing, to a larger audience, especially the young. Among other things, the millennials are thoughtful seekers who may, hopefully, obtain spiritual benefit from the insights and stories presented. Should any of the pieces here succeed in consoling a seeker or in providing spiritual sustenance, it would be worth all the effort invested in the production of this collection.”

– From the Introduction